Week 1 Update

The first week of the season has passed with much progress made. The Build team has solidified a strategy for our robot and has started the process of determining which methods will work best to accomplish the task. The Programming Team has been setting up the systems we will use for the robot and has laid the foundation for programming in the next five weeks. The Business Team has been contacting new and returning sponsors and setting a team budget, along with continuing to update our followers through social media platforms and our website’s gallery.

Wish us luck on the next week of work!

North Star Regional

This weekend, our team participated in the North Star Regional alongside sixty other teams from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. We did our best, placed 19th overall, and were chosen to be on the 8th alliance with teams 2239 and 5826! We owe a great “thank you” to all volunteers, judges, mentors, and parents for making this event possible, and to especially to Dean Kamen, who surprised us all by appearing to watch and speak to the two regionals in the area. We are so grateful for this opportunity and are excited for next time!

North Star Regional

We will be attending the North Star Regional at the Mariucci Arena  on the University of Minnesota campus on April 7th-9th. We would love to have everyone come out! It’s free admissions and it’s free fun! We will have buttons, posters and more exciting additions to the Tritons Pits!

Come support the Trinity Tritons!

Week Zero Competition

Last Saturday, our team participated in the Eagan Week Zero Competition. Being the first event of the season, its object was to help teams learn more about the competiton, know what their robot needs to improve on, and give an opportunity for new members and spectators to experience what a FIRST robotics competition includes. We began scouting and focusing on our strategy of going over the defenses. Over all, our team did very well in what we aimed to do, and learned what we still need to practice and improve on before the regional this April.

Week 5 Update

With so many things accomplished, our Build season is quickly approaching the end. We will be ready for battle with our new standard finished. With our creative Business team, we will being having a little surprise in our pits, so come check us out! Our Build team has our arm and basket wired and running. We are almost done with the bumpers. Drive Practice and Humane Player Practice have also started early this week. The Programming Team has also gotten all of our sensors working. All of our autonomous modes are being developed now. We will be competing at Eagan High School for Week Zero and we will have more updates as the week goes on.




Week 4 came to a close with many accomplishments! The Business team created ideas for a standard and let the team vote for thier favortite option, and furthered their work on gaining sponsors, managing the budget, finding design ideas for this year’s tshirts, and updating the website. The Programming team made the chassis wireless, implemented many programs into the robot, and further worked on the autonomous code and the sensors. Lastly, the Build team finished the drive train, built more defenses, ordered the Scrublin parts that will be coming shortly, and the drive team started practicing to drive the robot. Next week’s goals among all teams include creating the standard, ordering tshirts, building the arms of the robot, and finishing the autonomous codes.





Week 3 ended with many accomplishments! The Business team printed brochures, calculated expenses, and found more generous sponsors. The Build team created the prototype of the arms, and the CAD team is just finalizing the last designs of the robot. The Programming team progressed with the magnetometer and it will be working shortly. During the upcoming week, the Business team will continue raising money, designing tshirts and the team standard, and creating a list of build materials. The Build team will get the drive train moving within the day and create a prototype basket to hold the ball, and the CAD team will finish creating the designs of the robot’s parts. Finally, the Programming team will be creating three options for autonomous this year and finalizing the gyrosphere and ultrasonic.

For gaining a deeper understanding of our team and this year’s game, members of our team will be taking a short quiz that will test their knowledge and keep them each responsible and aware of what they need to know during this season.


Week 2 was a great success! The Programming team accomplished their plans of programming the drive train and the sensory funtions, the Build team also finished their plans of creating a prototype of the arms and worked further towards finalizing the CAD design, and the Business team worked to accomplish writing thank you letters, finding more sponsors, working on updating the team’s budget, brainstormng ideas for the flag, and continually updating the website.

Week 3 for our teams will be just as busy! This week, our programming team will be testing the ultrasonic, getting all computers to deploy code, setting up a new d-link, further programming the gyroscope, and coding the motors. The CAD team will be finalizing the design of the robot, and the Build team will be sending our designs to Scrublin, one of our sponsors, in addition to assembling the drive train, finishing the field pieces, and starting to create the chassis, the frame of the robot. Lastly, the Business team will be creating brochures, updating the team’s budget, and updating this website through pictures daily and posts weekly.

Thank you for the continued support and wish us luck for the upcoming week!



Week one of the season came to a close with much progress made! The team quickly decided on the design of this season’s robot and are beginning the process of building and programming it. Make sure to stay updated through our pictures of our progress, updated daily in our Gallery page and weekly on our Instagram (@tritons4215) and Twitter (@Team4215).

Our goals for week two inlude: The Programming team expects to finish programming the sensors of the robot, the gyroscope and the ultrasonic sensor. The Build team will be working on finalizing CAD design, creating a prototype arm, and will be done ordering and organizing all remaining parts. The Business team will continue working on finding sponsors and finalizing our budget, along with updating this website. Wish us luck this week!

Thank you for the continued support!