Half-Season Update

We are wrapping up week 3 with a triumph! The Build Team successfully perfected the prototype’s intake arms and is continuing to constructing the robot’s superstructure. The Programming Team is currently working on the lasers’ communication to the robot and the movement of the “teleope”. Lastly, The Business Team is reaching out to sponsors and planning for the Duluth Trip.

Off-Season Events

Please join us in cheering on our team in our off-season events this fall! All are welcome to attend and admission is free.

  1. EMCC at East Ridge Robotics

When: Saturday, September 16, 8 am – 4:30 pm

Where: East Ridge High School, 4200 Pioneer Dr. Woodbury, Minnesota

2. 2017 Minnesota Robotics Invitational

When: Saturday, October 14, 8:45 am – 3:30 pm

Where: Roseville High School

3. Minne Mini Regional Robotics Tournament

When: Saturday, November 18

Where: Prior Lake High School

* More information will be coming soon as the event nears



State Fair 2017

Every year, our team attends the State Fair Robotics demonstrations. This event gives FIRST Robotics and its participants a great opportunity to share what Robotics is all about. Demonstrations went on throughout the day along with speaking to visitors not only in the stands but also answering their questions individually.

This year, we ran into trouble with the robot in two areas. Initially, our code was not communicating from the computer to the robot. Once we were able to fix it, the second issue arose after losing a part of our wheel in the parade. Although our robot could not perform in the demonstrations, we were honored to have been given first place in design! We also could not have fixed our code without the help of Talon Robotics, another team attending that same day. We are so grateful for the crowds who came out to support the program and take interest in what we all hold so much passion for.

Make sure to stop by the Education Building next year at the State Fair to see us in action!

2017 North Star Regional

This past weekend, the team participated in the North Star Regional at the University of Minnesota. We did well, placed eleventh over all, but unfortunately did not make it to the playoffs. Thank you to all of the volunteers that made this regional possible, and thank you to our amazing sponsors, parents, mentors, and captains – none of this would be possible without you all! It is the end of the 2017 season, but we are already preparing for what will come in the next! We are all so grateful to have had this experience yet again, and cannot wait for it to come around next year! Wish us luck!

Week 6 & Week Zero Update

It is the last day of the Build Season and our last opportunity to work with the robot until midnight tonight. The Build team has been putting the finishing touches on the shoot and finished wiring sensors. The Programming team has the drive train working and is now working to fix the autonomous program. The Business team is continuing to prepare for the regional this April through t-shirts, buttons, and scouting.

Our first informal competition of the season, also known as ‘Week Zero’ was this past Saturday. Through this event, teams were able to compete with their robot in the game before the end of the build season, giving them the opportunity to adjust or fix any flaws in the robot and its code. It also gave all teams the chance to practice scouting in preparation for the regional. We had a ton of fun and would like to thank Team 2220 and all of the amazing volunteers for hosting the event.


Week 5 Update

With only one week until Week Zero and the end of the build season, we are well on our way to finish the robot in time. The Business team has been writing sponsor letters, reaching out to potential sponsors, and working to finish t-shirts, calling cards, buttons, and many other things for the competition. The Programming team has the ultrasonic sensors working, the vision of the robot is functioning well, the autonomous code is at its best, and the remainder of their time will be used to fix coding errors. The CAD team has finalized the updated design. The Build team has finished the bumpers and the superstructure, and are now working further as they wait for more parts to come in. We expect the robot to be fully functioning by next Tuesday!

Week 4 Update

Just over two weeks left in the build season! Our Business team has continued the process of designing t-shirts and buttons, as well as reaching out to potential sponsors. The Programming team has been working to finish the ultrasonic sensors and has been testing our latest code on other robots. Finally, the Build team is focused on finishing the chassis within the week, and the CAD team is finalizing our updated design. Today, our Safety captain gave the team a speech on safety within the build season and while at the regional this April. The end of the season is approaching soon; wish us luck in the final two weeks!

Week 3 Update

At the close of this week, we will be half way through the build season! Our team has been working so hard to complete the robot in time for the Bag-and-Tag on February 21st. The Programming team has finished working on the ultrasonic sensors and has started to code for the drive train. The Build team has been prototyping the robot and plan to be done prototyping within the next day. They are also about to start assembling the chassis along with other mechanisms. The Business team has been sending our thank-you emails to our generous sponsors and have continued to reach out to past and potential sponsors. The CAD team is nearly done with designing the feeder shoot, feeder ramp, and winch. Our team as a whole has been working harder to reach absolute safety in the build room. Safety glasses are to be on before walking in, and tools are to stay in the room unless used by a build team member.

The season so far has been going extremely well! Wish us luck in the next week!

Week 2 Update

The past two weeks have flown by! Our Programming team has been working on sensors and the autonomous code. The Build and CAD teams have been working together to further develop our plan to work with the gears and climb the rope. The Business team has continued to contact sponsors and is planning for the competition through designing t-shirts, buttons, and  calling cards.

We also held our annual parent meeting this week. In this time, we discussed the game, our strategies, what our team is currently doing, and future events.

Wish us luck in the next four weeks of the build season!