2019 North Star Regional

Mission Control: we have landed! Last week we competed in the North Star Regional at Mariucci stadium. Overall, we ranked 24th out of 60 teams. Though we did not advance to the playoffs, we had a record of 6-3-0 and had an awesome time representing Trinity Tritons. Thank you to all our sponsors and mentors for making this season possible.

Week 6 Update

Mission control: Staying on course to final destination! This week was the final week of the build season. We worked super hard in trying to perfect out robot before bag and tag, which is the deadline when we must have our robot built. The Engineering sub-teams worked very hard these last few days, with build team finishing the last touch-ups to the robot, CAD team helping out build team, and software team finishing the pneumatics code. The buisness team finished making the last designs to this year’s T-shirts and started to sell unused build materials on E-Bay. Be sure to check us out at The North Start Regionals on March 28-30 at the University Of Minnesota.

Week Zero

Week Zero is a practice competition for teams who want to test their robot on a real game field. This year, Eagan High School hosted the event and we were able to practice driving the robot. Though we have some improvements to make, we are ready to enter the last week of the build season with full confidence.

Week 5 Update

Lift off! ¬†We had a crazy week preparing the robot for Week Zero. The business team finalized meal preparations for our regional, the North Star Regional on March 27-30, and planned this year’s scouting system. The Engineering sub-teams worked hard getting the robot ready for competition: the build team finished building the arms and the hatch suction cups for the competition robot, the software team continued to work on the vision code and started to work on the pneumatics code, and the CAD team continued to help the build team with building the robot.

Week 3 & 4 Update

Defrosting the engins! Though we did not have much practice time due to the polar vortex hitting us, we still got a lot done. The business team continued to send out weekly updates and started to prepare this year’s scouting system. The Engineering sub-teams have continued working on our competition robot: the build team finished the prototypes of the arm and have game pieces ready for practice, the software team have working visual code and have been working on autonomous coding, the CAD team finished the final animated design of the comeptition robot.

Week 2 Update

Mission control: Team 4215 ready for lift off! Our engineering team sub-teams had a great week: the build team started creating our competition robot, while our software team started to create a pneumatics prototype, and our CAD team worked on a design for the arm mechanism. The business team continued to send weekly emails to our team members and sent thank-you letters to our sponsors.

Week 1 Update


We had an awesome time blasting off into our first week of the season! Our engineering team had a great start: the build sub-team created a prototype of a hatch arm and a working mini-bot, the software sub-team updated our code from last year and programmed a working visual code, and the CAD team finished creating a prototype model of our lifting mechanism and our robot. The business team sent out emails to last year’s sponsors and created a communications schedule.