About Us

Our mission as a robotics team is to provide a rich environment for young men and women to have a place where they can explore their passions in STEM topics, community outreach, or communicating with sponsors and the general public. Working with FIRST, we compete in worldwide events that inspire our team member to pursue their passions. We teach them that having a great work ethic, strong leadership, and intellectual teamwork are necessary characteristics for success. We build the leaders of tomorrow, today.

The Founding of the Team:

Trinity students had been looking for a robotics program since the demise of the high school FLL team a few years ago. In 2012 our team was founded by one of the faculty of our school, physics teacher Dr. O’Hanley (1968-2018). Though we have had a FLL team for our middle school, we had never had an FRC program for the high school students. The team started out small with only about ten members, but now we have more than doubled our original size.  Many of our team members have experienced the middle school program, and their knowledge contributes to this team. As always, the Trinity Tritons are ready for a stressful year, but one can be sure to see a smile on all of our faces.

To learn more about the robotics program visit http://www.usfirst.org/

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