Week 2 was a great success! The Programming team accomplished their plans of programming the drive train and the sensory funtions, the Build team also finished their plans of creating a prototype of the arms and worked further towards finalizing the CAD design, and the Business team worked to accomplish writing thank you letters, finding more sponsors, working on updating the team’s budget, brainstormng ideas for the flag, and continually updating the website.

Week 3 for our teams will be just as busy! This week, our programming team will be testing the ultrasonic, getting all computers to deploy code, setting up a new d-link, further programming the gyroscope, and coding the motors. The CAD team will be finalizing the design of the robot, and the Build team will be sending our designs to Scrublin, one of our sponsors, in addition to assembling the drive train, finishing the field pieces, and starting to create the chassis, the frame of the robot. Lastly, the Business team will be creating brochures, updating the team’s budget, and updating this website through pictures daily and posts weekly.

Thank you for the continued support and wish us luck for the upcoming week!


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