Week Six

Week six, and the first week of competitions is upon us! Our robot works really well, too! We’ve had our drive team go a couple of times to the MURA practice field, to practice communicating better with each other, and efficiency in picking up the fuel cells and shooting them. We can consistently score 4/5 of the balls we pick up! Programmers have been experimenting with limelight technology, and we will most likely be adding that to our robot. Build team has been fine tuning still- we added handles to make picking up the robot after matches easier for our drive team, for example. Go 4215!

Week Five

This week we assembled the fuel cell storage unit, and mounted the intake wheels on the robot frame. Our CAD team made last minute adjustments in cooperation with the build team. We also finished connecting all the wires on the circuit board, even though we finished assembling it last week. The programmers finished our drive train code, adding extra features to make it as easy and intuitive as possible. We ran into some complications with our ball storage unit, on both build and programmers’ sides, so we ironed those out.

Week Four

This week we finalized and assembled the circuit board. Build team also finalized the design for the lift mechanism; and ordered parts to be machined for our robot. Programmers continued their feedback loop experiments, and got our Limelight vision camera up and running. We could detect the target from 30 feet away!

Week Three

Week three has come and gone! Build team got our basic drive train frame assembled, and made the final decisions on the intake, shooter, and storage unit thing. The hanging mechanism is still in progress. Business team commenced our spirit wear catalog, and planned some “Happy fun times”, as Mr. Erickson would say. Programmers tested sensors and worked on balancing out the velocity of our shooter motors, so that we can shoot straight. They also began working on feedback loops- something brand new to our team!

David True

David True was one of our main build mentors. He brought a vast knowledge of engineering as well as always bringing a burst of energy, jokes, and much teasing of the students and his fellow mentors. Anything mechanical that the students had a question about he would know the answer of how, where, and why to do it.On January 3, 2020 Mr. True passed away. His mentor-ship will be sorely missed. Our prayers and condolenses go out to Mrs. True, past build captain Sam True ’18, and current CAD team member Adelaide True ’22.

Week Two

What an eventful week! Going into Week two, the build and programming team collaborated to improve our game strategy, as we finish our prototypes for our intake and climbing mechanism. CAD team worked to finalize our design while continuing to train our new team members. The Business Team continued to send out sponsorship emails and finalized our pratice, as well as future competition, schedules.

Week One

What an amazing start to the season! Starting the week off with Kick Off, we went straight to work learning more about the technical aspects of the game by reading the manual together as a team and making sure we all know the rules really well. The build team is making great progress towards our first prototypes. The CAD team initiated their first potential designs of the robot, teaching our newer members along the way. The programmers have started to figure out how to code this year’s autonomous portion of the game, the first 15 section of the game. The business team has continued to send out sponsorship emails while making the final adjustments to our budget.